If you are having a Mental Health Emergency please call: 911 and ask for a CIT [Crisis Intervention Team] Officer. If there is no immediate danger, please scroll down or click here for resources.

nami pensacola family to family

This FREE 12-week course provides education and support for the families, friends and caregivers of individuals living with mental illness in our community.

The course is taught by NAMI-trained Facilitators who have lived with this experience, and focuses on the knowledge and skills you will need.

  • Gain insight into how mental illness affects your loved one.
  • Take a look at current brain research and medications.
  • Learn how to advocate for your loved one while reclaiming your own life.
  • Learn to cope with stress and focus on taking care of yourself.

Many describe the impact of this program as life-changing. Join the thousands of individuals just like yourself who have gained information, insight, understanding and empowerment.

To register, email:  namipensacola@gmail.com with your contact information. Please be sure you can commit to 12 weeks, as space is limited and no one will be allowed to join after the third session.

Our next class will begin August 20, 2019